Round Wooden Keychains
Round Wooden Keychains

Round Rosewood Wooden Keychain, Can Add Your Logo in Direct, Small Design, 35 x 35mm Size

Olde-Worlde Storage Box
Olde-Worlde Storage Box
    BS made solidly handcrafted wooden storage box is sized for a tabletop or the floor. This box is also covered with high-quality faux leather for beauty and durability, and is decorated with beautiful oriental patterns. 
  • Small Decorative Cosmetic Boxes

    Small Decorative Cosmetic Boxes

    Custom made Small Decorative Cosmetic Boxes based on your requirements. We are a gift boxes, cosmetic boxes and jewelry boxes manufacturer in China, custom leather cosmetic boxes from our factory now.


  • Faux Leather Wine Box

    Faux Leather Wine Hand Box

    Bright Sea specialized in custom-made faux leather wine hand boxes in various constructions. 

    • European manufactured this product is 100% recyclable
    • Ideal for over printing a company logo
    • Simple, instant gifting solution
    • Small MOQ,Fine craftsmanship, High quality, Reasonable price.


  • genuine leather wine box

    Genuine Leather Cylinder Wine Box

    1.2012~2013 Bright Sea's Genuine Leather Cylinder Wine Box 
    2.genuine leather material,paper board,handware and new design
    3.fashionable and convenient as a wine packaging box


  • Leather Folding Gift Wine Boxes

    Leather Folding Style Wine Boxes

    These traditional red leather wine boxes are the best chioce for your presenting wine.

    To join Bright Sea Industrial Co., Ltd client list and benefit from our Leather Folding Style Wine Boxes, professional services, competive prices, fast delivery.


  • Inexpensive Gift Boxes

    Inexpensive Paperboard Boxes

    Bright Sea can also make Inexpensive Paperboard Boxes for you.


  • Leather Watch Boxes

    Leather Watch Display Boxes

    Leather Watch Display Boxes:

    Rigid paper board covered black pu leather, white flocking fabric inside, foam insert to hold or display the watch.


  • Black Leather Jewelry Boxes

    Black Stripe Leather Jewelry Boxes

    Rigid cardboard covered silver color paper, black pu leather on the front lid to keep the jewelry boxes in quality.

    We are many Black Stripe Leather Jewelry Boxes for ring, earring, necklace, etc.


  • leather small luggage box

    leather small luggage box

    leather small luggage box is delicate design, excellent craftsmanship, high quality, reasonable price.


  • Colored Storage Boxes

    Colored Storage Boxes

    Storage boxes , rigid paper board covered colored paper , different colors for the paper storage boxes , green storage boxes, blue storage boxes , red storage boxes and orange boxes.


  • Orange Storage Box

    Orange Storage Box

    Bright Sea Industrial Co., Ltd as a professional packing products factory since 1995 in China.

    We are cooperating with such as Hogo Boss, Wal-Mart, Crocodile, China Mobile etc now.

    To join our client list and benefit from our excellent products, professional services, competive prices, contact us do not hesitate.


  • Black CD Leather Storage Box

    Black CD Leather Storage Box

    CD Storage Boxes at Bright Sea. Custom leather storage boxes based on your requirements. Find more storage boxes, CD boxes, leather boxes and gift boxes here.

    Black faux leather storage box , rigid paper board covered black color faux leather with white suture at edge for CD storage.


  • Round Leather CD Storage Boxes

    Round Leather CD Storage Boxes

    Round CD Storage Boxes at Zooly Boxes. Custom round leather storage boxes for CD based on your requirements. Find more CD boxes, gift boxes, leather boxes and decorative storage boxes here.

    Round shaped leather box , round storage boxes for CD storage , rigid paper board covered faux leather in different colors , small round CD boxes.


  • Faux Black Leather Suitcases

    Faux Black Leather Suitcases

    Leather boxes , 3mm rigid paper board covered black faux leather , handmade leather gift boxes, suitcase shaped leather box, 3 different sizes nested together for one set black leather nesting boxes.


  • Leather Boxes

    Leather Boxes

    Custom Leather Boxes with Lids based on your requirements. Find more leather boxes, storage boxes , wood boxes and gift boxes.

    Wood material covered pu leather for outside , non-weave fabric for inside of the leather storage box with lid.


  • Heart-shaped Leather Jewlery Box

    Heart-shaped Leather Jewlery Box

    Custom made Heart-shaped Leather Jewlery Box based on your requirements. Find more jewelry boxes, leather boxes, heart-shaped boxes and gift boxes here.

    Rigid cardboard covered red color pu leather , heart shaped boxes with lid for jewerly gift boxes.